Aloha Premium Protein Powder Recall, Consumers Ill with Staphylococcal Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning Victims with Staph Infection Leads to Protein Powder Recall A recent protein powder recall was issued by Project Healthy Living for it's Aloha Premium Protein Powders after the company received 17 reports of consumers falling ill with "transient gastrointestinal symptoms consistent with staphylococcal food poisoning.”  These powders were distributed nationally between November 2014 and January 2015. The entire line of protein powders, from 14-servings to single servings, in both vanilla and chocolate, are under product recall … [Read more...]

Some Fire Extinguishers Under Product Recall Due to Faulty Valves

4.6 Million Fire Extinguishers Face Product Recall Due to Faulty Valves, Does Not Fully Put Out Fire The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a product recall for 4.6 million fire extinguishers, manufactured by Kidde. The plastic valve disposable fire extinguishers face product recall due to faulty valve components, which can cause the fire extinguishers to not fully discharge when the lever is pressed repeatedly, which may not fully put out the fire and could risk injury to the consumer. The product recall covers 31 models … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Honda and Takata for Faulty Airbag

Florida Woman Sues for Personal Injury Against Honda and Takata for Faulty Airbag An elderly Florida resident has filed a lawsuit against Honda Motor Corp and Takata for faulty airbags that inflated too forcefully after a car accident, and left her paralyzed. Patricia Mincey, 76 years old, has filed a multimillion dollar personal injury lawsuit against both Honda and Takata, for using the faulty Takata airbags in Honda Civics. According to the lawsuit, on June 15th last year, Mincey ran a red light going 20 miles per hour in her Honda Civic, … [Read more...]

Potentially Thousands of Dangerous Trinity Guardrails in SC

Investigation Uncovers Possibly Thousands of Faulty Trinity Guardrails on SC’s Highways A special investigation conducted by WIS in South Carolina found that there could be thousands of faulty, recalled Trinity guardrails on the state’s highways, and the SC Department of Transportation has no way to know which guardrails are dangerous. “Since January of 2010, we've installed over 5,000 end terminals,” SCDOT chief engineer of operations Leland Colvin said. However, SCDOT reported that they do not know for sure how many of the faulty guardrails … [Read more...]

Kia Issues Vehicle Recall Due to Fire Hazard

Kia Issues Vehicle Recall Covering 87,000 Vehicles Due to Potential Fire Hazard Kia Motors America has issued a vehicle recall covering 87,000 of the manufacturer’s 2014 model year Forte Sedans, due to reports of faulty engine parts that could cause the vehicle to catch fire. The vehicle recall notice was issued on Saturday, January 24th, and covers Kia Fortes manufactured between December 5th, 2012, and April 17th, 2014. A piece in the cooling fan was found to overheat, which could lead it to melt and start a fire in the engine. Ironically, … [Read more...]

Rick Springfield’s Butt Exonerated in Personal Injury Case

Rick Springfield Exonerated in Unusual Personal Injury Case Involving His Butt In mid-January, the New York Supreme Court exonerated Rick Springfield in an unusual personal injury case, in which a fan alleged that contact with the performer’s butt caused her to suffer “serious, disabling, and permanent injuries.” Plaintiff Vicki Calcagno alleged that, while at a concert at the New York State Fair in 2004, struck her head with his buttocks from stage, and the impact was so serious that she passed out. She filed a personal injury lawsuit … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Wrongful Death Claims Up to 49

GM Ignition Switch Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Fund Raises Death Toll to 49 Due to the high volume of personal injury and wrongful death claims against General Motors in 2014, related to a sudden, large vehicle recall for older model vehicles that had defective ignition switches, the automotive manufacturer decided to extend applications for the compensation fund, which was created to help victims of car accidents caused by the ignition switch problem. Through Friday, January 16th, the GM compensation fund received 311 wrongful death … [Read more...]

Costco Smoothies Under Food Recall for Listeria

Frozen Smoothies from Costco Under Food Recall for Potential Listeria Rader Farms brand frozen smoothies are under food recall due to potential listeria, so many major retailers, including Costco, have notified their consumers. Inventure Farms Inc, based in Phoenix, Arizona, has issued a food recall to retailers across the US and Canada that its Rader Farms Fresh Start Smoothie Blend, Fresh Start Sunrise Refresh Fusion, and Fresh Start Daily Power Fusion frozen smoothies should not be consumed due to potential listeria … [Read more...]

Excessive Force Video Illustrates Columbia’s Need for Body Cameras

Latest Cell Phone Video of Excessive Force in Columbia Shows Need for Officers to Wear Body Cameras A 15-second cell phone video was released on the internet, showing a Columbia police officer brutally beating a suspect laying on the ground. The excessive force is just the latest example, according to both police officers and safety advocates, of the need for police in South Carolina and around the country to wear body cameras. “If you don’t have the whole sequence, you don’t know what caused the officer to do that,” said John O’Leary, a … [Read more...]

Keurig Mini Plus Brewers Under Product Recall for Burn Injuries

Keurig Issues Product Recall for Mini Plus Brewers Due to Hot Liquid Burn Injuries Keurig makes one of the most popular coffee brewing systems in the US. However, the company issued a product recall in December 2014 for its Mini Plus Brewing Systems after receiving hundreds of reports of sudden sprays of hot liquid, and almost a hundred reports of burn injuries associated with the defect. Keurig’s Mini Plus Brewers were manufactured between 2009 and 2014. The coffee company stated that it has received about 200 reports that the mini plus … [Read more...]