Some Fire Extinguishers Under Product Recall Due to Faulty Valves

4.6 Million Fire Extinguishers Face Product Recall Due to Faulty Valves, Does Not Fully Put Out Fire The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a product recall for 4.6 million fire extinguishers, manufactured by Kidde. The plastic valve disposable fire extinguishers face product recall due to faulty valve components, which can cause the fire extinguishers to not fully discharge when the lever is pressed repeatedly, which may not fully put out the fire and could risk injury to the consumer. The product recall covers 31 models … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Honda and Takata for Faulty Airbag

Florida Woman Sues for Personal Injury Against Honda and Takata for Faulty Airbag An elderly Florida resident has filed a lawsuit against Honda Motor Corp and Takata for faulty airbags that inflated too forcefully after a car accident, and left her paralyzed. Patricia Mincey, 76 years old, has filed a multimillion dollar personal injury lawsuit against both Honda and Takata, for using the faulty Takata airbags in Honda Civics. According to the lawsuit, on June 15th last year, Mincey ran a red light going 20 miles per hour in her Honda Civic, … [Read more...]

Scooters Among Most Dangerous Products for Kids

Most Dangerous Products for Kids Include Lightweight Scooters If you have children in your life that you shop for this holiday season, you may not know which toys are considered the most dangerous products, and which are safe. Scooters, according to one report, are among the most dangerous toys available to children. Scooters are often collapsible, lightweight, and foot-powered. They were popularized in the early 2000’s by Razor, and are often referred to as “Razor scooters,” although that is a brand name and not a type of scooter. A study … [Read more...]

Evenflo Issues Child Seat Recall

Evenflo Child Seat Recall Covers 35 Models Child seat manufacturer Evenflo has issued a product recall for 35 models of their child safety seats, because the restraints can be difficult to remove. In the event of a car accident, this could cause serious personal injury or death. The child seat recall affects 202,000 individual child seats, manufactured at various times between December 2011 and May 2013. The affected lot numbers are: 30711365, 31511040, 31511323, 31511400, 3151198, 3151953, 31521138, 46811205, 46811237, 48111200, 48111215, … [Read more...]

Dietary Supplement Use Linked to Higher Rates of Liver Damage

Study Links Increased Dietary Supplement Use to Rising Liver Damage Rates A new scientific study, published in the journal Hepatology, links dietary supplement use to an increased to a rise in liver damage and failure rates over a 10-year period. Researchers used data from 839 people who were referred to a Drug Induced Liver Injury Network center with reported hepatotoxicity (toxins in the liver). After investigating the reports, the study’s researchers found that 130 of the referrals (15.5%) were from dietary supplements – 45 from … [Read more...]

Safety Recall for Product Not Approved by FDA

Dermatend Under Safety Recall Because FDA Did Not Approve Use Solace International, manufacturers of Dermatend products which remove moles and warts, has issued a voluntary safety recall after the FDA contacted the company because the product has not been approved for such uses. The FDA issued a statement regarding Dermatend that moles should only be removed by a dermatologist, and not with a kit at home. Both Dermatend Original and Dermatend Ultra fall under the safety recall. The products are not FDA approved, and the FDA recommends that … [Read more...]

Pedigree Issues Dog Food Recall for Metal Fragments

Pedigree Dog Food May Contain Metal Fragments, Manufacturer Issues Voluntary Recall A dog food recall has been expanded after the company became aware that metal fragments may be present in some bags of the dog food. Pedigree, which is owned by Mars Pet Care, issued a voluntary dog food recall, which the company expanded on August 31st. The original recall covered 22 bags shipped to Dollar General stores across the US, and the expanded recall covers Pedigree dog food at Sam’s Club in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The affected bags may have been … [Read more...]