Potentially Thousands of Dangerous Trinity Guardrails in SC

Investigation Uncovers Possibly Thousands of Faulty Trinity Guardrails on SC’s Highways A special investigation conducted by WIS in South Carolina found that there could be thousands of faulty, recalled Trinity guardrails on the state’s highways, and the SC Department of Transportation has no way to know which guardrails are dangerous. “Since January of 2010, we've installed over 5,000 end terminals,” SCDOT chief engineer of operations Leland Colvin said. However, SCDOT reported that they do not know for sure how many of the faulty guardrails … [Read more...]

Keurig Mini Plus Brewers Under Product Recall for Burn Injuries

Keurig Issues Product Recall for Mini Plus Brewers Due to Hot Liquid Burn Injuries Keurig makes one of the most popular coffee brewing systems in the US. However, the company issued a product recall in December 2014 for its Mini Plus Brewing Systems after receiving hundreds of reports of sudden sprays of hot liquid, and almost a hundred reports of burn injuries associated with the defect. Keurig’s Mini Plus Brewers were manufactured between 2009 and 2014. The coffee company stated that it has received about 200 reports that the mini plus … [Read more...]

Scooters Among Most Dangerous Products for Kids

Most Dangerous Products for Kids Include Lightweight Scooters If you have children in your life that you shop for this holiday season, you may not know which toys are considered the most dangerous products, and which are safe. Scooters, according to one report, are among the most dangerous toys available to children. Scooters are often collapsible, lightweight, and foot-powered. They were popularized in the early 2000’s by Razor, and are often referred to as “Razor scooters,” although that is a brand name and not a type of scooter. A study … [Read more...]

McDonalds Issues Product Recall for Happy Meal Toy

Popular Happy Meal Toy Under Product Recall From McDonalds Due to Choking Hazard A very popular Hello Kitty Happy Meal toy is now under a product recall from McDonalds because it can present a choking hazard to children. The item is a red whistle, which is part of a Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Toy. The whistle can be found inside a plastic Hello Kitty, which holds a pink heart-shaped lollipop in her hand. McDonalds received two reports of children who sucked the whistles into their mouths, then coughed out pieces. According to the Consumer … [Read more...]