Potentially Thousands of Dangerous Trinity Guardrails in SC

Investigation Uncovers Possibly Thousands of Faulty Trinity Guardrails on SC’s Highways A special investigation conducted by WIS in South Carolina found that there could be thousands of faulty, recalled Trinity guardrails on the state’s highways, and the SC Department of Transportation has no way to know which guardrails are dangerous. “Since January of 2010, we've installed over 5,000 end terminals,” SCDOT chief engineer of operations Leland Colvin said. However, SCDOT reported that they do not know for sure how many of the faulty guardrails … [Read more...]

Virginia Joins Trinity Guardrails Whistleblower Lawsuit

Virginia Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Trinity for Faulty Guardrails Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has added the state to a whistleblower lawsuit against Trinity Industries and Trinity Highway Products for selling faulty guardrails that had not passed federal testing. “It is shocking that a company would think they could secretly modify a safety device in a way that may actually pose a threat to Virginia motorists,” Attorney General Herring said in a press release. “Trinity had an obligation to test and seek approval for its … [Read more...]

Guardrail Manufacturer Slapped with Penalty for Defective Product

Guardrail Manufacturer Halts Sales After $175 Million Defective Product Verdict in Texas Trinity Industries has manufactured guardrails that numerous critics have, for years, claimed were defective products. The company was so maligned that 13 states banned the use of the company’s guardrails on their highways after reports that instead of protecting drivers in the event of a serious accident, the guardrails could break or splinter and impale drivers or passengers. On October 20th, Trinity Industries was slapped with a $175 million verdict by … [Read more...]