Woman Cleared of Negligent Homicide in Crash Due to GM Vehicle Recall

Woman Cleared of Negligent Homicide Charges in Fatal Crash Because of GM Vehicle Recall On Monday, November 24th, a Texas judge cleared a woman of all negligent homicide charges related to a fatal 2007 car accident which killed her fiancée, after the accident was linked to defects in ignition switches in some older model General Motors vehicles which led to a GM vehicle recall earlier this year. Candice Anderson was driving a Saturn Ion, which was one of the 2.5 million defective cars under vehicle recall due to ignition switch problems. The … [Read more...]

Arizona’s Attorney General Sues GM for GM Ignition Switch Recall Delay

Arizona Sues General Motors Over GM Ignition Switch Recall Delays The attorney general for Arizona has filed a lawsuit against General Motors for economic losses related to the 30 million cars under the GM Ignition switch recall, including the older model GM vehicles with faulty ignition switches. Arizona’s lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, November 19th under the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, says the state lost at least $3 billion selling unsafe GM vehicles. About 300,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs registered in Arizona and made by GM have fallen … [Read more...]

GM Compensation Fund for Special Victims Faces Numerous Personal Injury Claims

GM Compensation Fund for Special Victims of GM Faulty Ignition Switches Receive More Personal Injury Claims Than Expected On Monday, August 11th, General Motors reported that their GM compensation fund, set up for victims of the delayed faulty ignition switch vehicle recall, had received more claims than anticipated – a total of 135 personal injury claims, almost half of which were wrongful death claims. According to Camille Biros, spokeswoman for fund manager and attorney Kenneth Feinberg, the total number of wrongful death claims related to … [Read more...]

Unsatisfied GM Victims File Class Action Lawsuit

GM Faces Delayed Ignition Switch Defect Class Action Lawsuit General Motors, with the help of attorney Kenneth Feinberg, has created a method to compensate victims of the delayed ignition switch vehicle recall, which the company now acknowledges led to almost 60 injuries and 13 deaths. However, a number of victims who are unsatisfied with the conditions required to file for compensation have now filed a class action lawsuit against GM. On Tuesday, July 29th, GM was hit with a class action lawsuit from 658 plaintiffs who were either injured … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Expands Again

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Expands to Cover 7 Million More Cars in the US On Monday, June 30th, beleaguered automotive manufacturer General Motors announced that it would expand its GM ignition switch vehicle recall by another 7 million cars, some of which date back as far as 1997. GM came under fire earlier this year when it announced its first round of vehicle recalls due to a defective ignition switch, which covered cars in model years 2004 and 2005. Consumers began to ask why the manufacturer had waited 10 years to recall several … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Compensation Plan Announced

Guidelines for GM Vehicle Recall and GM Ignition Switch Recall Victims Announced Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney working with General Motors (GM) on the ignition switch injuries and vehicle recall lawsuits, has announced that the company could offer billions in compensation to victims of the delayed vehicle recall and their families, provided that they can prove a faulty ignition switch caused the car accident. Feinberg is one of the nation’s top compensation experts, and has worked closely with GM on the ignition switch vehicle recall lawsuits … [Read more...]