GM Placed Order for Replacement Ignition Switches Before Vehicle Recall

Revealed Emails Show GM Placed Replacement Ignition Switches Order Before Vehicle Recall According to an investigative report from the Wall Street Journal, General Motors placed an “urgent” replacement ignition switches order for 500,000 ignition switches in December 2013, although the automotive manufacturer did not issue its first ignition switch vehicle recall until February 2014. Earlier this year, GM issued a small vehicle recall because some older model cars – many dating back to 2004 and 2005, before GM won a bankruptcy filing in 2009 … [Read more...]

GM Offers Incentives for Ignition Switch Repairs

Ignition Switch Injury Claims Rise, GM Offers Vehicle Recall Repair Incentives The deadline to file a personal injury claim with General Motors’ ignition switch settlement fund is the end of this year – December 31st, 2014. The number of personal injury claims involving GM’s 10-year delayed vehicle recall for faulty ignition switches has consistently grown, and recently, the company saw a small spike in the number of claims filed. On Friday, October 31st, the ignition switch settlement fund saw 4 additional wrongful death claims, and 174 new … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Deaths Rise to 29

Wrongful Death Tally Against GM’s Ignition Switch Delayed Vehicle Recall Rises to 29 According to the attorneys working with General Motors to manage the personal injury and wrongful death claims for the ignition switch victims’ compensation fund, the total number of people who died as a result of the delayed vehicle recall has risen to 29. The group says there have also been a confirmed 27 serious injuries related to the ignition switch crashes. The compensation fund has received 184 wrongful death claims involving automobile crashes due to … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Compensation Plan Announced

Guidelines for GM Vehicle Recall and GM Ignition Switch Recall Victims Announced Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney working with General Motors (GM) on the ignition switch injuries and vehicle recall lawsuits, has announced that the company could offer billions in compensation to victims of the delayed vehicle recall and their families, provided that they can prove a faulty ignition switch caused the car accident. Feinberg is one of the nation’s top compensation experts, and has worked closely with GM on the ignition switch vehicle recall lawsuits … [Read more...]

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall On Monday, June 16th, General Motors stated that they were expanding their massive 2.6 million GM car ignition switch recall by another 3.4 million cars. This brings their total vehicle recall number to 20 million, including vehicle recalls for problems that do not involve the older models with faulty ignition switches. GM has issued a total of 44 vehicle recalls so far this year. The original ignition switch recall covered older model cars, mostly 2004 and 2005 models, that had faulty ignition switches that … [Read more...]

GM Vehicle Recall Class Action Consolidated

Class Action Lawsuit Against GM For Vehicle Recall Consolidated in Federal Court A panel of federal judges consolidated a class action lawsuit against General Motors for personal injury and wrongful death related to the company’s ignition switch vehicle recall in the Southern District of New York. The Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated the cases under US District Court Judge Jesse Furman. Furman was appointed to the vehicle recall lawsuit by President Barack Obama. Although GM’s strategy was to have the vehicle … [Read more...]

GM Key Ignition Defect Recall Leads to Felony Crash Lawsuit

GM Key Ignition Defect Recall Prompts Felony Crash Lawsuit In 2004, a Texas woman pleaded guilty to felony negligence charges after a serious car crash led to the death of her fiancé. Now, she is suing General Motors because she believes her Saturn had a faulty ignition switch, and the delayed GM key ignition defect recall led to the accident. Candice Anderson believed for 10 years that she was responsible for the severe accident that killed her fiancé. When Anderson learned about GM’s delayed vehicle recall and the ignition switch problems … [Read more...]

GM Says “Pattern of Incompetence” Delayed Vehicle Recall

GM Fires 15 Employees After Internal Investigation Reveals Reasons for Delayed Vehicle Recall General Motors, Inc, announced on Thursday, June 5th, that an internal investigation uncovered a “pattern of incompetence” that caused the ignition switch vehicle recall to be delayed by a decade. The automotive manufacturer announced that 15 employees had been fired in relation to the serious delays in the ignition switch vehicle recall, which caused at least 13 deaths in car crashes over a period of 10 years. “Repeatedly, individuals failed to … [Read more...]

GM Issues Another Large Vehicle Recall

As GM Redoubles Safety Efforts, the Manufacturer Issues Another Vehicle Recall In an effort to cover all of its potential safety issues, General Motors has issued another vehicle recall, this time covering 2.7 million cars. GM added that it would take a $200 million charge to cover the cost of the vehicle recall. The automotive manufacturer has issued five other vehicle recalls in 2014 alone, the most notorious of which is the ignition switch vehicle recall, that covered 2.6 million older model cars, mostly from model years 2004-2005. The … [Read more...]

GM Does Not Need to Park Cars in Vehicle Recall

Judge Rules GM’s Cars in Vehicle Recall can Stay on the Road U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in Corpus Christi, Texas, suggested earlier in April that GM might have to “park” all of their cars that are part of the massive ignition switch vehicle recall if the cars are deemed too unsafe to drive. Now, however, Judge Ramos ruled that she will not issue a “park it” order for the older model GM vehicles. Plaintiffs Charles and Grace Silvas, who owned a Chevy Cobalt in the 2006 model year, originally sought an emergency “park it” … [Read more...]