Arizona’s Attorney General Sues GM for GM Ignition Switch Recall Delay

Arizona Sues General Motors Over GM Ignition Switch Recall Delays The attorney general for Arizona has filed a lawsuit against General Motors for economic losses related to the 30 million cars under the GM Ignition switch recall, including the older model GM vehicles with faulty ignition switches. Arizona’s lawsuit, filed on Wednesday, November 19th under the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, says the state lost at least $3 billion selling unsafe GM vehicles. About 300,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs registered in Arizona and made by GM have fallen … [Read more...]

Another GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Delay

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall: Findings Show GM Delayed Earlier Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall On Thursday, July 17th, General Motors announced that the company had managed to replace about 20% of the faulty ignition switches in their 2.6 million unit GM ignition switch vehicle recall. However, findings show that despite the company’s efforts, the ignition switch problem could continue to get worse. The company has issued vehicle recalls for 6.7 million cars just for an ignition switch problem, and some of the recalled model years go back … [Read more...]