Unsatisfied GM Victims File Class Action Lawsuit

GM Faces Delayed Ignition Switch Defect Class Action Lawsuit General Motors, with the help of attorney Kenneth Feinberg, has created a method to compensate victims of the delayed ignition switch vehicle recall, which the company now acknowledges led to almost 60 injuries and 13 deaths. However, a number of victims who are unsatisfied with the conditions required to file for compensation have now filed a class action lawsuit against GM. On Tuesday, July 29th, GM was hit with a class action lawsuit from 658 plaintiffs who were either injured … [Read more...]

GM Announces Six More Vehicle Recalls

Six New Vehicle Recalls from General Motors Covering Over 800,000 Cars General Motors has issued a record number of vehicle recalls in 2014, many of which involve older model vehicles with faulty ignition switches. On Wednesday, July 23rd, the automotive manufacturer issued six more vehicle recalls, covering over 800,000 cars. That brings the total number of GM’s recalled vehicles this year to 29 million worldwide. The latest six vehicle recalls cover close to 823,000 vehicles, and cover a variety of issues. Some of the vehicles in the … [Read more...]

Another GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Delay

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall: Findings Show GM Delayed Earlier Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall On Thursday, July 17th, General Motors announced that the company had managed to replace about 20% of the faulty ignition switches in their 2.6 million unit GM ignition switch vehicle recall. However, findings show that despite the company’s efforts, the ignition switch problem could continue to get worse. The company has issued vehicle recalls for 6.7 million cars just for an ignition switch problem, and some of the recalled model years go back … [Read more...]

GM Key Ignition Recall Woes Continue

GM Key Ignition Recall: GM’s Legal Team Targeted for Policies On Thursday, July 17th, Congressional lawmakers demanded that GM’s legal team, which oversaw specifics for compensation to victims of the GM key ignition recall defect that led to a massive key ignition recall, open up the criteria for compensation. Senator Claire McCaskill, D-Missouri, who chairs the senate subcommittee investigating the massive General Motors vehicle recall and ignition switch problems, praised GM CEO Mary Barra for her “courage and conviction,” but said that the … [Read more...]

GM Ignition Switch Vehicle Recall Compensation Plan Announced

Guidelines for GM Vehicle Recall and GM Ignition Switch Recall Victims Announced Kenneth Feinberg, an attorney working with General Motors (GM) on the ignition switch injuries and vehicle recall lawsuits, has announced that the company could offer billions in compensation to victims of the delayed vehicle recall and their families, provided that they can prove a faulty ignition switch caused the car accident. Feinberg is one of the nation’s top compensation experts, and has worked closely with GM on the ignition switch vehicle recall lawsuits … [Read more...]

New Class Action Lawsuit Against GM Filed for Vehicle Recall

$10 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against GM Says Vehicle Recall Devalued Cars A new class action lawsuit against GM (General Motors) lawsuit filed, demanding $10 billion in compensation for owners of vehicles that fall under the automotive manufacturer’s massive 20 million unit vehicle recall. According to this this latest class action lawsuit against GM, GM owes its customers three times its annual earnings in compensation for financial losses incurred by the customers, because the vehicle recall has seriously devalued their cars. The … [Read more...]

Chrysler Investigated for Faulty Ignition Switches

Concern Over Faulty Ignition Switches Spreads to Chrysler On Wednesday, June 18th, US safety regulators said that they were opening two investigations into Chrysler Group vehicles involving faulty ignition switches, a problem that came to light after millions of General Motors vehicles came under recall earlier this year. The ignition switch problems issue is suspected in 1.25 million Chrysler vehicles, but so far only one crash, and no deaths or injuries, has been linked to the problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … [Read more...]

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall

GM Expands Ignition Switch Recall On Monday, June 16th, General Motors stated that they were expanding their massive 2.6 million GM car ignition switch recall by another 3.4 million cars. This brings their total vehicle recall number to 20 million, including vehicle recalls for problems that do not involve the older models with faulty ignition switches. GM has issued a total of 44 vehicle recalls so far this year. The original ignition switch recall covered older model cars, mostly 2004 and 2005 models, that had faulty ignition switches that … [Read more...]

GM Vehicle Recall Class Action Consolidated

Class Action Lawsuit Against GM For Vehicle Recall Consolidated in Federal Court A panel of federal judges consolidated a class action lawsuit against General Motors for personal injury and wrongful death related to the company’s ignition switch vehicle recall in the Southern District of New York. The Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated the cases under US District Court Judge Jesse Furman. Furman was appointed to the vehicle recall lawsuit by President Barack Obama. Although GM’s strategy was to have the vehicle … [Read more...]

GM Key Ignition Defect Recall Leads to Felony Crash Lawsuit

GM Key Ignition Defect Recall Prompts Felony Crash Lawsuit In 2004, a Texas woman pleaded guilty to felony negligence charges after a serious car crash led to the death of her fiancé. Now, she is suing General Motors because she believes her Saturn had a faulty ignition switch, and the delayed GM key ignition defect recall led to the accident. Candice Anderson believed for 10 years that she was responsible for the severe accident that killed her fiancé. When Anderson learned about GM’s delayed vehicle recall and the ignition switch problems … [Read more...]