Graco Child Safety Seat Recall

Graco Child Safety Seat Recall -1.9 Million Child Car Seats After months of controversy, a Graco child safety seat recall has been announced for 1.9 million additional child safety seats that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), are not safe. Controversy began in February of this year, when the NHTSA demanded that Graco child safety seat recall due to problems with the seatbelts. The product recall was one of the largest child safety seat recalls in the last five years, but the federal agency insisted that … [Read more...]

Five Safest Child Seats

Report Details the Safest Child Seats for Cars Consumer Reports has created a new information program for consumers looking to purchase the safest child seat for their vehicle. The organization, which independently tests many products for defects or safety issues, has redesigned their method of testing child seats for safety issues. The test uses pediatric information about babies’ and childrens’ growing bodies, especially damage from impacts on the head, to measure potential damage in vehicle crashes. Based on their new test protocol, … [Read more...]

NHTSA Prompts 4th Largest Child Safety Seat Product Recall

Graco Under Fire for Child Safety Seats, Forced to Issue Product Recall for Belts Graco, a child safety seat manufacturer owned by Newell Rubbermaid Inc, has issued the largest child seat product recall in 5 years after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demanded that the company pull the seats due to problems with the buckle. The product recall covers 11 models of car seats manufactured between 2009 and 2013. However, the NHTSA said that the product recall issued by Graco does not cover 7 other models of child safety seat … [Read more...]

New Regulations Sought for Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats Might See New Regulations for Side Impacts Federal regulators with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated on Wednesday, January 22nd, that they would begin testing on child safety seats. The child safety seat testing could issue new regulations for the equipment to help lessen the risk of injuries or death in a side impact or “T Bone” crash. The NHTSA has long tested head-on or rear collisions on vehicles and car safety equipment like child safety seats, but now they will create a simulation of a side … [Read more...]