GM Issues Another Large Vehicle Recall

As GM Redoubles Safety Efforts, the Manufacturer Issues Another Vehicle Recall In an effort to cover all of its potential safety issues, General Motors has issued another vehicle recall, this time covering 2.7 million cars. GM added that it would take a $200 million charge to cover the cost of the vehicle recall. The automotive manufacturer has issued five other vehicle recalls in 2014 alone, the most notorious of which is the ignition switch vehicle recall, that covered 2.6 million older model cars, mostly from model years 2004-2005. The … [Read more...]

Five Safest Child Seats

Report Details the Safest Child Seats for Cars Consumer Reports has created a new information program for consumers looking to purchase the safest child seat for their vehicle. The organization, which independently tests many products for defects or safety issues, has redesigned their method of testing child seats for safety issues. The test uses pediatric information about babies’ and childrens’ growing bodies, especially damage from impacts on the head, to measure potential damage in vehicle crashes. Based on their new test protocol, … [Read more...]