Nissan Issues Second Vehicle Recall for Airbag Problem

Nissan Issues Vehicle Recall for Over 1 Million Cars Due to Continued Airbag Problem Nissan Motor Co. has issued a vehicle recall for the second time due to a problem with passenger-side airbags not inflating when a car accident occurs. The automotive manufacturer’s vehicle recall covers 990,000 cars in the United States and 60,000 in Canada. More specifically, the vehicle recall covers about 544,000 Altima sedans, 29,000 Leaf electric vehicles, 124,000 Pathfinder S.U.V.s, 183,000 Sentra compacts and 6,700 NV200 taxis from the 2013 model … [Read more...]

Toyota Admits Deception and Agrees to Pay Billions

Toyota Agrees to $1.2 Billion Criminal Fine for Deceiving Consumers After facing years of personal injury lawsuits, the Toyota Motor Corp has been slammed with a $1.2 billion criminal fine by the US Justice Department for intentionally misleading customers regarding the company’s automobile safety. This is the largest criminal fine against an automobile manufacturer in US history. The $1.2 billion fine dwarfs the $$66.15 million civil fine levied against Toyota by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for failing to recall … [Read more...]

GM Issues New Vehicle Recall for 1.5 Million Cars

GM Issues Yet Another Vehicle Recall Due to Airbag Deployment Problems While General Motors faces personal injury lawsuits and a potential class action lawsuit for a delayed vehicle recall that, over several years, resulted in at least 13 deaths, the company has issued another vehicle recall for 1.5 million cars due to problems with airbag deployment. The latest recall will cost GM around $300 million to pay for repairs to the cars under vehicle recall. The GM vehicle recall covers 1.2 million 2008-2013 model Buick Enclaves and GMC … [Read more...]

GM Hit with Personal Injury Lawsuit After Major Vehicle Recall

Proposed Personal Injury Class Action Lawsuit Against GM Related to Deaths and Delayed Major Vehicle Recall On Friday, March 14th, General Motors (GM) was hit with two personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits related to their recent major vehicle recall. The lawsuits are part of a proposed class action against the vehicle manufacturer for serious delays in the vehicle recall. Last month, when the first part of the ignition switch vehicle recall was issued, GM acknowledged that it knew about at least 13 deaths related to crashes. When the … [Read more...]

Food Recall for Tainted Beef Expands

Massive Beef Manufacturer Food Recall Expands to More States Beef from a California meat producer may have reached more states than initially expected, according to an expanded food recall. The Rancho Feeding Corp issued a food recall for beef products processed from “diseased and unsound animals,” which were mostly slaughtered and processed in 2013. The original food recall covered 40,000 pounds of meat, then expanded to 8.7 million pounds of beef and other meat products, including hamburger and hotdogs sold at Costco and Walmart, as well … [Read more...]

Congress Will Investigate GM Vehicle Recall

Recent GM Vehicle Recall Leads to Congressional Investigation The House Energy and Commerce Committee has launched an investigation into the vehicle recall that covers 1.6 million older General Motors vehicles. In early February, General Motors issued a vehicle recall that covered 778,000 older model vehicles after complaints regarding ignition switch problems in some Chevys and Pontiacs. Later that month, the vehicle recall was expanded to 1.4 million older model cars and SUVs after the company stated that the problem had caused at least … [Read more...]

Ranbaxy Recalls Generic Lipitor Again

Manufacturer Issues Drug Recall for Generic Lipitor for the Third Time After learning about a dosage mix-up, India’s Ranbaxy Laboratories LTD has issued a drug recall for more than 64,000 bottles of generic Lipitor, a statin medication. Reportedly, a pharmacist found a 20 mg tablet sealed in a bottle that should have had only 10 mg tablets. The medication is a generic version of Pfizer’s controversial cholesterol medication, Lipitor. Ranbaxy said that they had not received any complaints of complications related to dosage problems, but … [Read more...]

Citi Bike Faces Personal Injury Lawsuit

Man Hurt While Riding Citi Bike Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Company A man has filed a personal injury lawsuit against bike-sharing company Citi Bike after running over a parking barrier while riding one of the program’s bicycles. “This has turned my life inside out,” said Ronald Corwin, 73. Corwin flipped over a 6-ft wide by 6-inch high concrete parking barrier near where the Citi Bikes were parked, which he alleges he did not see because the concrete blended in with the road. “Everything tastes like cardboard,” says Corwin’s … [Read more...]

FDA Says Generic Drugs Must Disclose Health Risks

FDA Ruling Will Make Generic Drug Makers Disclose All Health Risks A proposed new federal rule would close a legal loophole that has protected generic drug manufacturers from personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits due to undeclared side effects. "In the current marketplace, approximately 80% of drugs dispensed are generic drugs," the FDA said according to The Los Angeles Times. "Accordingly, there is a need for [generic drug producers] to able to independently update product labeling to reflect certain newly acquired safety … [Read more...]

NC Hospital Could Face Medical Malpractice Suits for Disease Exposure

North Carolina Hospital Exposed Patients to Rare Disease in Terrible Medical Malpractice Case A hospital in North Carolina admitted on Monday, February 10th, that it exposed 18 patients to a rare and fatal disease, in a bizarre case that could lead to medical malpractice lawsuits against the company. Medical malpractice involves professional negligence on the part of the doctor, surgeon, or hospital, which leads to substandard treatment and patient personal injury or death. The hospital reportedly exposed the patients to … [Read more...]