GM Ignition Switch Deaths Rise to 29

Wrongful Death Tally Against GM’s Ignition Switch Delayed Vehicle Recall Rises to 29 According to the attorneys working with General Motors to manage the personal injury and wrongful death claims for the ignition switch victims’ compensation fund, the total number of people who died as a result of the delayed vehicle recall has risen to 29. The group says there have also been a confirmed 27 serious injuries related to the ignition switch crashes. The compensation fund has received 184 wrongful death claims involving automobile crashes due to … [Read more...]

Jackson Family’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Coming to a Close

After 5 Months at Trial, Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed on behalf of Michael Jackson Ending Soon Reportedly, on Wednesday, September 18th, the defense attorneys, in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Jackson family on behalf of Michael Jackson, will rest their case. This will bring to a close the 5-month-long wrongful death trial. Michael Jackson’s mother and three children are suing AEG Live, a concert promoter, for liability in the King of Pop’s death after the company hired, retained, or supervised the doctor responsible for Jackson’s … [Read more...]

Family of Murdered Pregnant Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Family Sues Doctor, Hospital, and Craigslist in Wrongful Death Lawsuit The family of an Ohio woman who was allegedly murdered when she was 9 months pregnant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on her, and her unborn daughter’s, behalf. The family seeks $40 million in the wrongful death suit, for the emotional toll that Deanna Ballman’s death took on her loved ones. The lawsuit covers the wrongful death of Ballman’s unborn daughter, whom she reportedly wanted to name Mabel. The lawsuit has been filed in the Delaware County Court of Common … [Read more...]