Johnson & Johnson Finalizes $2.2 Billion Personal Injury Settlement

Johnson & Johnson Agrees to Pay $2.2 Billion in Personal Injury Settlement, Various States Receive Settlement Money On Monday, November 4th, Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay $2.2 billion for a personal injury settlement involving off-label use of their antipsychotic, Risperdal. Now, various states are receiving settlement money. According to the original lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary Janssen promoted Risperdal for off-label and unapproved uses between 1999 and 2005, such as controlling aggression in elderly … [Read more...]

Oklahoma Dentist Responsible for Hepatitis C in Some Patients

At Least One Patient Contracted Hepatitis C From Dental Practice, Says Health Department The Oklahoma State Department of Health and the Tulsa Health Department have released interim results of their investigation into a local dental practice, which they say directly caused at least one person to contract Hepatitis C. In March of this year, thousands of former patients of Dr. Scott Harrington were notified by the boards of health that they may have contracted Hepatitis C or another blood-borne illness. Of the 4,000 patients tested, 89 … [Read more...]

Jackson Family’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Coming to a Close

After 5 Months at Trial, Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed on behalf of Michael Jackson Ending Soon Reportedly, on Wednesday, September 18th, the defense attorneys, in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Jackson family on behalf of Michael Jackson, will rest their case. This will bring to a close the 5-month-long wrongful death trial. Michael Jackson’s mother and three children are suing AEG Live, a concert promoter, for liability in the King of Pop’s death after the company hired, retained, or supervised the doctor responsible for Jackson’s … [Read more...]

Beaufort County Unanimously Bans Texting and Driving

Another South Carolina County Bans Texting and Driving, with Heavy Fines and Penalties As of September 9th, drivers in Beaufort County can be charged for texting and driving. At the beginning of the week, the Beaufort County Council unanimously approved a ban on texting and driving, along with penalties if pulled over for the practice. Safety advocates have, for years, declared that texting and driving distracts drivers and leads to serious vehicle accidents, and now counties in South Carolina are acting on this information. The council … [Read more...]

Unusual Decision for Fosamax Personal Injury Cases

US District Court Judge Makes Unusual, But Potentially Costly, Decision in Fosamax Personal Injury Litigation In 2006, a class action lawsuit was filed in the US District Court located in Fort Meyers, Florida, against Merck Pharmaceutical’s blockbuster osteoporosis drug, Fosamax. The lawsuit marked the first in a wave of  cases, which claimed that the drug, which supposedly strengthens bones, actually caused serious bone fractures, especially in the femur, and can cause osteonecrosis, particularly in sensitive areas like the jaw. Now, US … [Read more...]

New App Could Help Stop Texting and Driving

App for Smart Phones Could Decrease Texting and Driving Problems While larger cities in South Carolina are looking at texting and driving bans and how to enforce such legislation, one mobile developer has offered a solution: an app that limits texting and driving. Life Solutions has created an app called TextLimit, a first-of-its-kind texting app that empowers subscribers to remotely inhibit text messaging and other features on the phone while behind the wheel. The texting and driving app was designed for concerned parents, who want to keep … [Read more...]

“Serial Infector” Pleads Guilty to Federal Criminal Charges in Hepatitis C Outbreak

Man Who Triggered National Hepatitis C Pleads Guilty The man who spread Hepatitis C through dirty needles and started a national outbreak last year will plead guilty to all 14 federal  charges against him in exchange for 30 to 40 years in prison, rather than the potential 100 year sentence. David Kwiatkowski, a former hospital worker who became a traveling nurse on temp jobs, pleaded guilty to seven counts of tampering with a consumer product and seven counts of obtaining controlled substances by fraud, according to the plea agreement filed … [Read more...]

Personal Injury Lawsuits Filed for Cyclospora Outbreak

Cyclospora Outbreak at Restaurants Leads to Personal Injury Lawsuits Two people have filed personal injury lawsuits against Darden Corporation and Taylor Fresh Foods, Inc for contracting cyclospora after eating at Olive Gardens in Iowa. The two plaintiffs are seeking damages for mental and physical injuries caused by the disease. The two federal lawsuits hit court records days after the FDA announced that cyclospora-laden salad mix was sold at Olive Garden and Red Lobster. The FDA said that the salad mixes originated out of Taylor Farms de … [Read more...]

Family of Murdered Pregnant Woman Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Family Sues Doctor, Hospital, and Craigslist in Wrongful Death Lawsuit The family of an Ohio woman who was allegedly murdered when she was 9 months pregnant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on her, and her unborn daughter’s, behalf. The family seeks $40 million in the wrongful death suit, for the emotional toll that Deanna Ballman’s death took on her loved ones. The lawsuit covers the wrongful death of Ballman’s unborn daughter, whom she reportedly wanted to name Mabel. The lawsuit has been filed in the Delaware County Court of Common … [Read more...]

FDA Issues Dangerous Drug Warning: Vitamin B Supplements May Contain Anabolic Steroids

FDA Warns that Vitamin B Supplement May Contain Anabolic Steroids; Dangerous Drug Is Not For Human Consumption A vitamin B supplement, called Healthy Life Chemistry by Purity B-50 and manufactured by Mira Health Products Ltd. of Farmingdale, has been issued a dangerous drug warning by the FDA – the product may contain anabolic steroids, and should not be consumed by humans. So far, the FDA has received 30 complaints about the dangerous drug, with adverse reactions including fatigue, muscle pain, and cramping. Lab tests reported abnormal … [Read more...]