Chrysler Issues Vehicle Recall Due to Ignition Switch Problems

Chrysler Faces Older Model Vehicle Recall Due to Ignition Switch Problems

ignition switch problemSince February this year, General Motors has recalled over 30 million vehicles, about 20 million of which were older model cars that had ignition switch problems which caused numerous accidents, personal injuries, and deaths. Now, Chrysler has issued a vehicle recall for some of their older model cars, for a similar ignition switch problem.

Chrysler Group LLC issued a vehicle recall covering 349,442 older model cars and SUVs, including the Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300 Sedan, and Jeep Grand Cherokee from 2008. 292,000 of those vehicles are in the United States.

The automotive manufacturer has issued vehicle recalls for almost 2 million cars and SUVs worldwide due to ignition switch problems. This year, however, regulators, consumers, and manufacturers alike are more wary of vehicle recalls due to GM’s widespread problems, particularly with the ignition switches in 2004-2005 models.

Chrysler said its investigation found that in some 2008 models produced before May 2008, vehicles “may not fully return to the ‘on’ position after rotation to the ‘start’ position during engine-startup. Instead, they may remain between the ‘start’ and ‘on’ positions. If this occurs, windshield defroster and wiper function may be lost. Air bag function is not affected.”

An ignition key may not fully return to the ‘on’ position after rotation to the ‘start’ position and may inadvertently move through the ‘on’ position to ‘accessory” or “off.’ If this occurs, it may result in reduced braking power and a loss of engine power, power steering, and one or more of the vehicle’s safety features including front air bags,” Chrysler said.

The company said that it is aware of one accident due to the ignition switch problems, and no deaths. In contrast, when GM issued its first vehicle recalls for the ignition switch problems, the company knew of around 60 injuries and 13 deaths due to the problem – and the number of deaths has gone up to 19 since the company set up a settlement fund for victims.

“In the overall scheme of ignition-related problems, the recall by Chrysler is a small one,” said Jack R. Nerad, executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book, an automobile research and pricing company. “But it does indicate the importance of ignition systems and overall vehicle safety, an aspect that was not well understood as the General Motors ignition issues developed and were reported,” he added. “Cars have stalled from the beginning, but in today’s environment a stall caused by faulty ignition system parts can be, and has been, a serious safety issue.”

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