Chrysler Issues Vehicle Recall Due to Ignition Switch Problems

Chrysler Faces Older Model Vehicle Recall Due to Ignition Switch Problems Since February this year, General Motors has recalled over 30 million vehicles, about 20 million of which were older model cars that had ignition switch problems which caused numerous accidents, personal injuries, and deaths. Now, Chrysler has issued a vehicle recall for some of their older model cars, for a similar ignition switch problem. Chrysler Group LLC issued a vehicle recall covering 349,442 older model cars and SUVs, including the Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Toll from GM Vehicle Recall Rises to 19

Investigation Reveals 19 Wrongful Deaths Tied to GM Cars Under Vehicle Recall It began in February 2014 – General Motors issued a small vehicle recall for older model cars, mostly in the 2004-2005 model year range, because of problems with the ignition switch. Over the next several months, federal regulators and consumers began to speak up about the scope of the vehicle recall problem. General Motors admitted that it knew of 13 wrongful deaths over 10 years that it failed to issue a vehicle recall for the ignition switches, in violation of … [Read more...]

GM SUV Recall Due to Fire RIsk

GM SUV Recall: SUVs Can Catch Fire General Motors, the car manufacturer beleaguered by vehicle recalls for ignition switch problems, has been forced to issue another vehicle recall – this time, it is the third recall for GM SUVs that can catch fire. In the first week of August, federal safety regulators released documents that GM will need to attempt another fix of the power window switches, which can catch fire. Reportedly, the problem is so serious that GM has told consumers to leave their SUVs outside, just in case the power window … [Read more...]

GM Vehicle Recall Shows Gaps in Airbag Knowledge

GM Engineers Reveal They Knew Little About Airbag Properties Related to Vehicle Recall Last month, federal safety regulators told Congress that airbags in GM cars should have had 60 seconds to deploy after the engine stalled. Engine stalling was caused by ignition switch problems, which led to a massive vehicle recall covering 2.6 million cars so far, which began in February of this year. However, after looking into the 13 deaths and 31 injuries that finally led to the older model vehicle recall, federal safety regulators said that they … [Read more...]