Kids Confusing Colorful Detergent Packets for Candy

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyer Miniature laundry detergent packets, which serve as an alternative to the regular heavy bottles, have been more popular recently than liquid detergent and stores have began to stock them on their shelves. But doctors across the country say children are confusing the tiny, brightly colored packets with candy and swallowing them, according to Fox News. Parents say the small packets resemble little candies and if left on a low shelf in a laundry room, or on the counter, young children may confuse them … [Read more...]

Massive Sinkhole Forces Family to Leave Florida Home

An enormous sinkhole has opened up where a family’s garden used to sit by the home they built 37 years ago. The 80-foot-long and 40-foot-wide sinkhole began appearing on Friday and within only 24 hours, had grown drastically. The couple has since been forced to evacuate the Jonesville, FL home and move in with their son who lives in Gainesville. The move was bittersweet for the couple that says they raised their children in the home and wanted to afford their eight grandchildren the same experience. A geologist inspected the sinkhole … [Read more...]

Child Injured in Grease Accident At Sonic

South Carolina Personal Injury Attorneys A five-year-old girl in Clarksville,TN fell into a vat of grease located  just a few feet away from the patio tables where the family was eating at a Sonic restaurant. The vat was under shrubbery that was only a few feet from the tables and chairs on the business' patio, and was covered by a round disk that was partly visible through the mulch. Although the disk was stamped with a caution that read, “Warning: Do Not Enter. Poison Gas,” the disk was knocked off when the young girl fell … [Read more...]