GM Does Not Need to Park Cars in Vehicle Recall

Judge Rules GM’s Cars in Vehicle Recall can Stay on the Road U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos in Corpus Christi, Texas, suggested earlier in April that GM might have to “park” all of their cars that are part of the massive ignition switch vehicle recall if the cars are deemed too unsafe to drive. Now, however, Judge Ramos ruled that she will not issue a “park it” order for the older model GM vehicles. Plaintiffs Charles and Grace Silvas, who owned a Chevy Cobalt in the 2006 model year, originally sought an emergency “park it” … [Read more...]

GM Faces Fines and Questions Related to Vehicle Recall Problems

General Motors Under Fire Again Due to Vehicle Recall Problems Documents filed as part of the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce were opened on Tuesday, April 1st, as part of the investigation into GM’s delayed vehicle recall. The documents revealed that GM allegedly delayed the vehicle recall because fixing the faulty ignition switch would have raised the cost of the company’s vehicles by $1. Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette cited a General Motors document from 2005 that stated the fix would have cost 57 cents. A series of … [Read more...]

GM Faces “Park It” Order in Vehicle Recall Lawsuit

GM Could Have to Tell Customers Not to Drive Cars Until Ignition Switch Problem Fixed in Vehicle Recall Case General Motors has issued a vehicle recall covering 2.59 million small, older model cars. The company faces numerous lawsuits and investigations regarding delays in the vehicle recall which led to at least 31 injuries and 13 deaths. Now, a judge has said that the automotive manufacturer will have to tell consumers to “park it” until ignition switches are finished, if plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit can convince the judge that … [Read more...]