5 Million Graco Strollers Under Product Recall for Finger Amputation Risk

Graco Strollers Under Massive Product Recall Due to Finger Amputation Risk After a long back and forth with federal safety regulators, Graco Children’s products has finally issued a massive product recall for Graco strollers due to the risk of potentially amputating the fingers of children riding in the stroller. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the product recall covers 11 different stroller models, totaling near 5 million units in the US, 202,000 units in Canada, and just over 10,000 units in Mexico. "The folding … [Read more...]

Safety Recall for Product Not Approved by FDA

Dermatend Under Safety Recall Because FDA Did Not Approve Use Solace International, manufacturers of Dermatend products which remove moles and warts, has issued a voluntary safety recall after the FDA contacted the company because the product has not been approved for such uses. The FDA issued a statement regarding Dermatend that moles should only be removed by a dermatologist, and not with a kit at home. Both Dermatend Original and Dermatend Ultra fall under the safety recall. The products are not FDA approved, and the FDA recommends that … [Read more...]

Pedigree Issues Dog Food Recall for Metal Fragments

Pedigree Dog Food May Contain Metal Fragments, Manufacturer Issues Voluntary Recall A dog food recall has been expanded after the company became aware that metal fragments may be present in some bags of the dog food. Pedigree, which is owned by Mars Pet Care, issued a voluntary dog food recall, which the company expanded on August 31st. The original recall covered 22 bags shipped to Dollar General stores across the US, and the expanded recall covers Pedigree dog food at Sam’s Club in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The affected bags may have been … [Read more...]

Buckyballs Settlement Includes Product Recall

Settlement Reached in Buckyball Lawsuit, Founder Agrees to Product Recall On Monday, May 12th, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reached an agreement with the creator of Buckyballs to issue a product recall for the small, powerfully magnetic toys. The lawsuit against Buckyballs claimed that, because the toys were small and the magnets were incredibly powerful, the toy created “an unreasonable risk of injury” to children, who could potentially swallow them. The magnets could attract each other inside the intestines, causing dangerous … [Read more...]