GM Vehicle Recall Shows Gaps in Airbag Knowledge

GM Engineers Reveal They Knew Little About Airbag Properties Related to Vehicle Recall Last month, federal safety regulators told Congress that airbags in GM cars should have had 60 seconds to deploy after the engine stalled. Engine stalling was caused by ignition switch problems, which led to a massive vehicle recall covering 2.6 million cars so far, which began in February of this year. However, after looking into the 13 deaths and 31 injuries that finally led to the older model vehicle recall, federal safety regulators said that they … [Read more...]

Two Vehicle Recalls Announced

Honda and GM Issue Separate Vehicle Recalls Two automotive manufacturers announced vehicle recalls on Thursday, May 1st. Honda’s vehicle recall covered 24,889 Odyssey minivans in the 2014 model year because their airbags may not deploy during a crash. The deployment issue is, according to the manufacturer, caused by a shorting terminal, which prevents deployment of the airbag before it is put into the vehicle, may have been damaged during the assembly process so that it continues to prevent the airbag from deploying. The issue can … [Read more...]

GM Issues New Vehicle Recall for 1.5 Million Cars

GM Issues Yet Another Vehicle Recall Due to Airbag Deployment Problems While General Motors faces personal injury lawsuits and a potential class action lawsuit for a delayed vehicle recall that, over several years, resulted in at least 13 deaths, the company has issued another vehicle recall for 1.5 million cars due to problems with airbag deployment. The latest recall will cost GM around $300 million to pay for repairs to the cars under vehicle recall. The GM vehicle recall covers 1.2 million 2008-2013 model Buick Enclaves and GMC … [Read more...]