Petco Pulls Chinese-Made Treats in Safety Recall

Petco Pulls All Chinese-Made Pet Treats from Stores in Voluntary Safety Recall

safety recallPetco is voluntarily issuing a safety recall of Chinese-made pet treats from all their store shelves, after jerky treats have caused numerous pets to fall ill in recent years.

The national pet retailer announced through its website that the voluntary safety recall would cover all 1,300 Petco stores across the country. Petco is the first pet item retailer to remove the imported treats due to safety concerns. The company said that since 2007, thousands of dogs and cats have become ill after eating the jerky treats, and at least 1,000 dogs have been killed, all just in the US.

The FDA has also targeted the Chinese-made jerky pet snacks, issuing a warning that chicken, duck, and sweet potato jerky treats from China can cause pets to fall ill, and in some cases, die. The Food and Drug Administration has received 4,800 complaints about the pet treats, involving more than 5,600 dogs, but due to differences in food laws for humans versus pets, there has been no federal-level safety recall.

“We believe this is the right thing to do, and we’re proud to take this step in the best interest of pets,” Petco CEO Jim Myers said in a statement. “What we feed our pets matters.”

“Getting to the bottom of this problem is a priority for FDA, and the agency is continuing its comprehensive investigation into the potential cause of the pet illnesses,” Tracey Forfa, the deputy director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, told Congress in June. US investigations have yet to pinpoint the source of the pet illnesses, despite inspection of Chinese factories.

PetSmart, Petco’s largest rival in the US, has also announced that the company will remove Chinese-made pet treats from their stores in a voluntary safety recall.

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