Latest GM Vehicle Recall Covers Half-Million Cars

Latest GM Vehicle Recall Involves Over 500,000 Cars and SUVs

latest GM vehicle recallGeneral Motors has had a tough year involving numerous vehicle recalls due to safety issues, along with class action lawsuits, personal injury and wrongful death complaints, and a federal investigation. The company’s vehicle recall woes began in February of this year, with a small vehicle recall of 10-year-old cars that had ignition switch problems. When confronted with the long-delayed recall, GM admitted that it knew about 13 deaths tied directly to ignition switch problems, which began a long vehicle recall that has only expanded over the past 8 months, and public scrutiny has forced the automotive manufacturer to issue vehicle recalls for even the smallest safety complaint.

So far, GM has recalled over 30 million vehicles in 2014 alone.

As of October 3rd, the latest GM vehicle recall, the company issued involves two more vehicle recalls, covering a total of 524,384 cars and SUVs globally.

The vehicle recall covers 430,550 Cadillac SRX and Saab 9-4X SUVs, in model years 2010-2015, because a possible loose joint and worn threads in the rear toe assembly can cause the vehicles to “wander” when the vehicle reaches highway speeds. If the assembly separates from wearing through the loose joint, it can increase the risk of crash.

GM stated that it was aware of three crashes and two injuries, no deaths so far, which led to the vehicle recall. About 290,107 of the affected vehicles are in the United States and Canada.

The company also issued a vehicle recall for 93,834 Chevrolet Sparks because corrosion of the secondary hood latch striker can cause the piece to stick in the “open” position, which can lead to an increased risk of the hood opening while the vehicle is in motion, which can lead to an increased crash risk. GM stated that it knew of two crashes in the UK, and one in Denmark, where the hood opened suddenly. An internal investigation also revealed 10 warranty claims in the US involving premature corroding of the secondary latch, according to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As of September 2014, 445 personal injury claims have been submitted to the GM ignition switch injury fund, 125 of which involve wrongful death claims. It is unclear if the original 13 wrongful deaths acknowledged by GM are part of the 19 claims in the fund. GM recently stated that the number of wrongful deaths related to the ignition switch recall has gone up to 23.

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