GM Vehicle Recall Delay First Trial Set for January 2016

GM Ignition Switch Defects First Trial Set for January 2016

First Trial SetAfter several plaintiffs who suffered personal injury or the wrongful death of a family member filed lawsuits against General Motors for the 10-year delay of a vehicle recall for faulty ignition switches, the court consolidated many of these cases into one class action against the automotive manufacturer, and a federal judge has the first trial set for January 2016.

GM created a settlement fund for consumers who suffered a serious personal injury or the wrongful death of a family member, and hundreds of GM vehicle owners filed for compensation. So far, nearly 190 consumers have been judged with legitimate personal injury claims involving accidents directly related to ignition switch defects, and at least 30 people are now believed to have died in car accidents caused by the ignition switch issue.

The compensation fund has received 184 wrongful death claims involving automobile crashes due to faulty ignition switches since August of this year, when the compensation fund details were finalized and GM began accepting claims. Although the attorneys, led by Kenneth Feinberg, are still working through the compensation claims, the group has accepted 29 of those as legitimate wrongful death claims at this time. Of the 1,333 total claimants, 27 have been offered compensation so far.

However, several more consumers do not believe that the compensation fund will offer fair compensation for injuries and have filed a class action against General Motors. Now, a federal judge overseeing the class action has ruled that the first trail set for this case will go to trial on January 11, 2016. The specific personal injury or wrongful death case has not yet been chosen. Attorneys for the plaintiffs will have until October 2015 to choose the bellwether case.

GM has recalled over 30 million vehicles this year for safety issues, many of which are directly related to ignition switch defects.

Potential delayed vehicle recall victims have until December 31st to apply for personal injury or wrongful death compensation. They must provide evidence that a faulty ignition switch was the cause of their accident, however, and some victims have filed their own, separate civil suit against GM because they do not believe they will receive fair compensation for their personal injuries, or their loved one’s wrongful death.

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