GM Hit with Personal Injury Lawsuit After Major Vehicle Recall

Proposed Personal Injury Class Action Lawsuit Against GM Related to Deaths and Delayed Major Vehicle Recall

vehicle recallOn Friday, March 14th, General Motors (GM) was hit with two personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits related to their recent major vehicle recall.

The lawsuits are part of a proposed class action against the vehicle manufacturer for serious delays in the vehicle recall. Last month, when the first part of the ignition switch vehicle recall was issued, GM acknowledged that it knew about at least 13 deaths related to crashes. When the recall was recently expanded to 1.4 million vehicles, GM added that 31 people had been injured due to crashes directly caused by the ignition problem. Despite knowing about the ignition switch problem, the automobile manufacturer did not issue a vehicle recall for its 2005 model cars until this year – 2014.

The proposed personal injury class action was filed in a federal court in Texas, and claims that GM knew about the problem since 2004. This created “unreasonably dangerous” conditions for drivers.

“GM’s mishandling of the ignition switch defect….has adversely affected the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of safe, reliable vehicles with high resale value,” the lawsuit said.

Not only does GM face its own internal probe and this potential personal injury class action lawsuit, the company also faces criminal and civil investigations from the federal government because of the long-delayed vehicle recall.

The plaintiffs in the personal injury/wrongful death class action lawsuit, Daryl and Maria Brandt, said they own a 2007 Chevy Cobalt, one of the two models affected by the GM vehicle recall.

In similar litigation, the families of two girls who died in car crashes in 2006 may file lawsuits against GM as part of a larger suit claiming that GM hid information about the potential ignition and airbag problems from federal regulators during their 2009 bankruptcy case.

The families of Natasha Weigel, 18, and Amy Rademaker, 15, are members of a personal injury lawsuit that could be filed as early as Monday, March 17th. These personal injury/wrongful death lawsuits will be the first to test GM’s “immunity,” which was granted when government-funded bankruptcy allowed it to dismiss old claims and lawsuits.

The models under vehicle recall Chevrolet Cobalts from the 2005-07 model years; 2003-07 Saturn Ions, 2006-07 Chevrolet HHRs and Pontiac Solstices; and 2007 Saturn Sky and Pontiac G5 models. The company is officially recalling 1.6 million vehicles worldwide.

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