GM Faces Another Lawsuit for Vehicle Recall Problems

GM Hit with Lawsuit for Failing to Issue Vehicle Recall for Defective Chevy Volts

vehicle recallGeneral Motors has had a rough year when it comes to vehicle defects and vehicle recalls. As the year comes to a close, the automotive manufacturer faces another lawsuit, in which the Plaintiff claims that a steering wheel defect in the Chevy Volts causes the steering wheel to freeze intermittently, which can result in a car accident.

Plaintiffs Christopher Johnson and Tara Follari-Johnson filed a complaint against General Motors on December 19th, claiming that GM knew, or should have known, about the steering defects in their Chevy Volt models, and failed to issue a proper vehicle recall for the defective products. The plaintiffs also claim that when a customer complains about the defective steering column, GM simply replaces the original column with the same defective model.

“When class members present to GM’s authorized dealerships complaining of the steering defect, the dealerships recommend repairs such as replacing the steering rack or steering gear assembly,” the plaintiffs said. “However, these repairs only temporarily mask the problem.”

“Complaints that consumers filed with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and posted in discussion forums demonstrate that the defect is widespread and dangerous and that it manifests without warning,” the complaint continued. “The complaints further indicate defendants’ knowledge of the defect and its danger.”

The Johnsons said they leased a new Chevy Volt in 2012 from a dealership in New Jersey. In April 2013, they brought the car back to the dealership, complaining about problems with the steering column. However, the service advisor suggested that the problem was instead with the wheel alignment, and the dealership further failed to diagnose or repair the problem correctly.

“Despite the repair attempts by defendants and their dealers, plaintiffs continue to experience the steering defect, including, but not limited to, the steering wheel binding or sticking while driving,” the complaint said.

“General Motors also knew of steering defect because consumers complained directly to General Motors and its dealers about the problem and created a high volume of warranty claims,” the complaint added. “General Motors’ own dealers admitted to customers that other consumers were complaining of the steering defect.”

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