Ikea Issues Product Recall for Crib Mattresses

Product Recall From Ikea Due to Infants Becoming Trapped Between Crib and Mattress Popular, inexpensive Swedish furniture maker Ikea has issued a product recall for crib mattresses after receiving two reports of infants becoming trapped between the mattress and the crib. IKEA AB issued the product recall on Tuesday, January 13th, for 169,000 mattresses after learning that two children became trapped in a gap between the mattress and the crib. Fortunately, the children were unharmed, but the furniture giant issued the product recall to prevent … [Read more...]

Food Recall for Apples at Root of Listeria Outbreak

FDA Ties Listeria Outbreak to Apples, Issues Food Recall On January 9th, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that it had conducted tests on several food products after a major listeria outbreak was tied to prepackaged caramel apples, and the safety agency found that California-grown apples were the cause of the problem. The FDA has issued a food recall for Bidart Brother’s apples, which have the same strains of listeria on them as those found in the caramel apple listeria outbreak. “The results are devastating to the Bidart family,” … [Read more...]

Shell Oil Toxic Tort Lawsuit Could Reach Settlement Agreement

California Neighborhood’s Toxic Tort Lawsuit Against Shell Oil Could Reach Settlement A California state court judge could approve a settlement in a toxic tort lawsuit against Shell Oil involving a Southern California neighborhood called Carousel. Five years ago, residents of Carousel – a neighborhood located 17 miles south of downtown Los Angeles – sued both Shell Oil and real estate developer Barclay Hollander. The toxic tort lawsuit claimed that the multinational oil corporation knew  in the 1960’s that family homes would be built over … [Read more...]

Honda Fined for Failed Vehicle Recalls and Personal Injuries

NHTSA Fines Honda Maximum Penalty for Failed Vehicle Recalls, Safety Information, and Causing Personal Injury The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fined Honda Motor Corp’s US subsidiary $70 million, the maximum possible fine, for failed vehicle recalls, failing to report safety information or issue voluntary vehicle recalls over eleven years, which led to thousands of personal injuries and wrongful deaths for consumers. In November, Honda reportedly admitted to the NHTSA that it violated two sections of federal law, passed … [Read more...]

Petco Pulls Chinese-Made Treats in Safety Recall

Petco Pulls All Chinese-Made Pet Treats from Stores in Voluntary Safety Recall Petco is voluntarily issuing a safety recall of Chinese-made pet treats from all their store shelves, after jerky treats have caused numerous pets to fall ill in recent years. The national pet retailer announced through its website that the voluntary safety recall would cover all 1,300 Petco stores across the country. Petco is the first pet item retailer to remove the imported treats due to safety concerns. The company said that since 2007, thousands of dogs and … [Read more...]

Caramel Apple Listeria Outbreak Leads to More Food Recalls

FDA and Manufacturers Issuing Food Recalls After Listeria Infections from Caramel Apples Grow As of the end of December, at least 32 people in the US have become ill after eating listeria-contaminated prepackaged caramel apples, and 6 people have died. The Centers for Disease Control state that 31 of the 32 listeria caramel apple victims have been hospitalized, as the disease spread across 11 states in the US. Two cases of listeria from consuming caramel apples have also been acknowledged in Canada. The six deaths related to the listeria … [Read more...]

GM Kicks Year Off with More Vehicle Recalls

GM Issues More Vehicle Recall in First Two Days of 2015 For many, the New Year represents a clean slate; however, for much-maligned General Motors, it only marks the beginning of another round of vehicle recalls. Last February, the automobile manufacturer quietly issued a vehicle recall for around 250,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs, some of which dated back as far as the 2004-2005 model years. The problem, according to GM, was faulty ignition switches. The company also quietly acknowledged that it knew about at least 13 deaths and several serious … [Read more...]

GM Faces Another Lawsuit for Vehicle Recall Problems

GM Hit with Lawsuit for Failing to Issue Vehicle Recall for Defective Chevy Volts General Motors has had a rough year when it comes to vehicle defects and vehicle recalls. As the year comes to a close, the automotive manufacturer faces another lawsuit, in which the Plaintiff claims that a steering wheel defect in the Chevy Volts causes the steering wheel to freeze intermittently, which can result in a car accident. Plaintiffs Christopher Johnson and Tara Follari-Johnson filed a complaint against General Motors on December 19th, claiming that … [Read more...]

Officer Charged with Police Brutality for Death

Officer Faces Assault Charges for Police Brutality that Led to Death of Patient A San Francisco police officer faces numerous charges related to an incident of police brutality according to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Deputy Michael Lewelling, 33, was arrested on Friday on charges related to a dire incident of police brutality, including assault, perjury, filing a false police report, filing a false instrument, and four felony charges. The arrest was related to a police brutality incident that occurred in November 2014. The … [Read more...]

Listeria Outbreak Linked to Candied Apples Kills 5

Serious Listeria Outbreak in Prepackaged Candied Apples Leads to 5 Deaths A serious listeria outbreak has led to the deaths of 5 people and hospitalizations in 21 others, and has been linked back to prepackaged candied apples. The Centers for Disease Control reports that, between October and November this year, 28 people in 10 states in the US have been infected with listeria because of the candied apples, and developed listeriosis, which is a life-threatening illness. The listeria outbreak is so dangerous that the CDC urges consumers to not … [Read more...]