Ford Issues Vehicle Recall Due to Continued Fire Risk

Vehicle Recall from Ford Covers New and Last Year’s Edge Models Due to Fire Risk

vehicle recallIn 2012, Ford issued a vehicle recall for 5,499 Edge crossovers due to a fire risk. Now, the automotive manufacturer has issued an expanded recall to include 2013 Edge Crossovers, bringing the total number of recalled vehicles to 27,933.

This vehicle recall is not a second recall. Instead, it is an expanded recall, and still includes the 2012 Ford Edge Crossovers from the first recall, even if the vehicle was reportedly repaired.

According to a bulleting from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the affected vehicles have metal housing around the fuel line pulse damper that may have been installed incorrectly, which could lead to cracks in the metal housing. Those cracks, depending on their size, could leak gas fumes or fuel into the engine, and if that fuel comes in contact with an ignition source, then the engine could catch fire.

Affected Edge models were manufactured between September 2nd, 2010, and April 25th, 2013, and cover only Edges with 2.0L engines.

Ford said that it will notify consumers of the vehicle recall in February 2014. The manufacturer will replace the fuel line free of charge.

This is the second repeat vehicle recall that Ford has had to issue in as many months. Previously, the automotive manufacturer had to issue a second recall for Ford Escapes, also to fix a fuel leak problem. That vehicle recall covered 161,000 vehicles, mainly 2013 Ford Escapes, across the world.

What To Do If You Have Been Injured, and the Manufacturer Did Not Issue a Vehicle Recall

If a defect in your vehicle caused a car accident, you may not know immediately what recourse you have. Although the law is complicated, you do have legal recourse against the vehicle’s manufacturer. It is important for manufacturers to pay attention to the quality of their products and issue vehicle recall notices in a timely fashion – however, not all automobile manufacturers will do so, and consumers can be seriously injured or killed.

Under products liability law, it’s the injured party’s burden to prove that the product was defective. Therefore, it is important that the product be inspected by one or more qualified experts to determine the exact nature of the defect and whether that defect caused the harm suffered. If the product is not recovered, the customer may be left with no proof that the product was defective.

Every year, thousands of consumers sustain serious injuries from defective products. A defective product lawyer can help you with an injury you may receive. Many of these injuries could be avoided if the manufacturers or distributors of these products took additional steps to ensure consumer safety. Defective products that commonly cause injuries include medical devices, pharmaceutical products, and other defective products such as toys, cars and automotive parts.

The Strom Law Firm Can Help with Personal Injury and Vehicle Recalls

If you have experienced a problem with a defective product in your automobile, especially if a defective part has led to an auto accident or personal injury, and a proper vehicle recall notice has not been issued, you may be entitled to compensation. The attorneys at the Strom Law Firm can help. We can help you with complicated auto insurance claims, and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve to help you with lost income and medical bills. Our attorneys are licensed to practice in South Carolina, Georgia, and New York. We offer free, confidential consultations to discuss the facts of your case, so contact us today at (803) 252-4800.

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